IPhone wont reconize itunes

I have the lastest itunes version on my desktop but everytime i plug my iphone 3G into the computer it says itunes isnt 64 bit and will not work with the computer or my iphone. I havent synced my iphone with a computer since I reinstalled Windows 7 and itunes. Do I need to do a phone reset?
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  1. This sounds like the version of the operating system running on the ipod section of your phone isn't compatible with Win7 or perhaps with the later version of itunes on your computer. Presumably you can update the OS on the ipod section as one would with a regular ipod. May be a question better posted on Apple's own forums.
  2. Good idea. Ive been downloading everything to my itunes account on my laptop...preparing to sync it with this comp, but Im worried about the contacts. Im thinking a reset will have to be down. Anyways thanks, ill move onto Apple.
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