New 1000GB (1TB) Hard Drives!!!

LaCie Bigger Disk 1000GB (1TB) 7200RPM Firewire 800 $1,189, and the PYRO DV Firewire RaidRT 1000GB Drive $3,549.
I wouldn't know what to do with all that space!!!!!
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  1. Seems like they are multiple hdd's perhaps, but in terms of space....I have 500GB of HDD space and over 500GB of blank dvd's, and u know what? I have 75GB free hdd space- gotta keep my quantum simulation data and my dad's files all in order. Thinking about it tho, games take up a lot of space too; my Sierra folder is an easy 8 gigs and most games are like 2GB nowadays, so times 20 ain't small. Then there r the 5 disc monstrosities like UT2004.

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