tough call between 2 asus laptops

well, i'm torn between these two systems. i'm a bit of a hardware freak myself, but only for desktops. quite lost on laptops and the video cards in each of these are so new there is little information out on them.

it comes down to the ati 3650 vs the nvidia 9600m gs, the fact that the nvidia machine has way better speakers and a nicer case, while the ati machine is lighter and has a higher maximum resolution.

other than light to moderate gaming i will be going into multimedia production, and will be using the entire adobe suite. i'm hoping for something to last me my 4 years of college.

any help would be greatly appreciated in deciding between these two systems.

thanks. :)
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  1. I would go with 9600MGS,because HD 3650 peforms like Geforce 9500MGS and 9600MGS is better than 9500MGS and HD 3650.
  2. ah, thank you. that's the response i basically got from someone else too.
    it's tough when there isn't much in the way of real world testing to tell. :(
  3. I agree with Maz. The NV based M50 would be my pic in terms of GPU performance.
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