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New computer windows 7.....Lexmark Z52 printer.
Devices and Printers calls it an unspecified device and could not locate drivers. I went through the steps and did Windows Update and it found the drivers. I have tried unplugging...power off....computer off and reboot....reboot with USB plugged in...reboot with USB unplugged...a whole host of attempts with no success. My old computer was 7 also, and I was able to find a generic fix...it was a driver (bullzip) I thought, but cant get that to work either. I will take any help to get this working....all i need is basic printing for check writing and regular Word stuff...no photos or graphics printing.

Thanks in advance
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  1. Ok....bit of a novice here.....how did it find and produce a driver when i went through the update section....it wasnt just any lexmark printer it found...it was specifically the Z52?
  2. Don't know, but it didn't work did it?
  3. Assuming you are running W7 64bit........

    As the official link shows, unfortunately your printer is not compatible in a 64bit environment.
    To reconfirm this head on over to Lexmark, and/or send them an email. Auto-updates do sometimes go wrong.
  4. you can try the backdoor shoe horn and see if it works. if you have the older xp drivers and install disk run it and see if it installs. if not go into windows printers try clicking add printer then scroll down and see if the z75 is there or click add printer have disks and see if you can force windows 7 to install the older xp driver.
    two other tricks....it works with some of the older hp printers...install a genrice lexmark printer that comes with windows 7. sometime if the firmware is the same the older printer will still work. you have to do a few test prints to see if the output is fine.
    the other trick is to use printer driver from a newer lexmark that replaced the z75 (z705) if the firmware is close the older printer may work with the newer driver. also check if someone making open sorce printer drivers.
  5. Well,

    I got it to work...I dont know how exactly....but I had updated the windows drivers and it had found the Lexmark Z52....but never picked it up as connected.....after giving up and doing other things....and after shutting down the computer a few times for unrelated reasons, I gave it one last shot....i added a printer on USB001 and told it to use the Lexmark Z52....when I plugged in the USB, it started printing out test pages and alignment pages all on its own. Somehow after all the uninstalls and restarts it figured it out.....funny thing now though....it recognizes the Z52 and even has the green checkmark next to it....but it also says I have a USB print device in the Unspecified section of printer and devices....oh well....hope that doesnt cause problems going forward
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