Nokia N900 vs Nokia N8 vs Netbook

The N900 is an excellent mobile with qwerty keyboard, maemo and other things but N8 is stronger when adding features like USB on the go, 12 MP camera, AMOLED?, Dolby...

and ofcourse, theres the humble netbook.

All of them are in the same price range.

Which one should i choose?
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  1. If you need a mobile phone,then netbook is out of consideration.Because it's more powerful than N900/N8,but it's not a mobile.
    Between N900 and N8,well if camera performance is important for you go with N8.Just keep in mind that Symbian doesn't play nicely with Touch UI
  2. If you travel a lot and don't want to carry bulky things then I recommend N900 and N8 though I don't like the interface I like samsung (sorry about that). Netbook if you like to type reports, send them and also conducts seminars.
  3. i own a nokia n900 and one simple use why i chose it, i can do a touch screen while browsing the web, or texting by using the qwerty keyboard, the touchscreen and the keyboard gives me two choices of input and makes it faster to browse some applications compared to a cellphone that is only dedicated by touchscreen. Its already a year since i own it and no problems. But its your choice whatever suits you best.
  4. After announcing some serious challenges in the recent past, Nokia has hit the deck hard once again this time extending a challenge towards the digital camera industry. The company has done this successfully through its latest topic; the N8. This exceptional device comes with a 3.5" capacitive touch screen of 16.7 million colors that provides enough features for modern day mobile phone users.
    So i generally prefer Nokia N8.
  5. I'm getting an N900, and I haven't used FastMail in a while. I went with Google for integration, but I'm coming off an Android phone and don't really want to be tied to Google anymore. From the bit of research I've done, I'm thinking some kind of hosted SyncML service and the SyncEvolution SyncML client that has been ported to the N900 would be good for syncing my calendar and contacts, and just going with IMAP on FastMail. Time to browse the forums and see if FastMail has made any additional progress on their address book implementation
  6. With the Nokia N8 mobile, you get the best interactive social integration ever. The Nokia N8 comes pre-loaded with apps for Facebook, Twitter and more so you can stay in touch with your near and dear ones all the time. With 3G support, get to download files, share memories and manage email at hi-speeds. Other connectivity options include Wi-Fi, GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth and USB too.
  7. I've got a Nokia N8 and it's really good, and in my opinion i recommend the Nokia N8 ;)
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