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I need some help in picking a new laptop. I am an aero major, so I will be doing MATLAB, some Python, solidworks, excel, that sort of thing. and music, lots of music!!!

I am currently between the dell inspiron 6400 and the hypersonic aviator MX6. I am not sure which to choose, because the hypersonic reviews are either gold or they are horrible, describing a company that is essentially evil. So I don't know who to go with.

After all the changes i made, they seem like the same price, ballpark, but the hypersonic has obviously better parts, and the kicker for me is the modular bay battery hypersonic has. That is a huge deal for me, and I don't know why dell stopped doing it.

So I am leaning to hypersonic, but the bad reviews worry me.

So if anyone has any thoughts, i would appreciate them!!!

P.S. This is to replace an HP pavilion zv5240us
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  1. Uh, I'm a little confused here. Neither the Inspison 6400 or the Aviator MX6 are sold anymore. Are you looking to get something used?

    What price range are you looking at?
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