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im using an msi 655 mobo. I just installed the sb live along with the drive ir and when i play anything the sound is choked full of static.

yet it works fine when i unplug the speaker jack and plug it back to the onboard sound

i tried disabling the legacy audio n onboard audio in bios and it didnt help
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  1. Try moving it to a different PCI slot.

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.7 i815*
  2. -Get latest bios and chipset drivers for your motherboard
    -Disbale onboard sound in bios. <-- can't be stressed enough
    -Use these drivers for your live card:

    That should do it.
  3. If you're still having trouble the Audigy 2 or 2 ZS drivers can be modified to install on a Live! series card. They tend to be better drivers.

    *Dual PIII-800 @900 i440BX and Tualeron 1.2 @1.7 i815*
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