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I was installing XP Pro on my new PC. I set 2 partitions, formated the first
one and then continued to install Xp on partition 1. Partition 2 was not
formatted. XP Pro installed, and rebooted, with my USB2 External Hard drive
plugged in.

Once up and running it treated my Ext. drive as an internal hard drive under
'My Computer'. When I clicked on it, Windows asked my if I wanted to format
it. I said 'No' and removed the Ext. hard drive.

I then tried to use my ext. hard drive on my other XP machine and it also
aked me if I wanted to format it. Does anybody know if need to copy a file
or do something in order to view my files on my ext. hard drive as I am
pretty sure (hoping) that it didn't format the drive. Any help much

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  1. Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.general (More info?)

    What shows in Drive Management when you highlight the external drive
    and look at properties? How is it formatted Fat, or Fat32, healthy or
    with errors? It may be XP wanting to format the drive to ntfs. Can you
    access the drive in a pre-XP computer?
    And why didn't you format the second drive partition?


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