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Windows 7 / Ethernet cable connection not working!


For the past half a year I have had my PC, I've always had some problems with my internet connection and Windows 7. I've always thought that it's a case of bad hardware and such but it's starting to look like it's Win7 that's giving me the finger.

I've mainly been using a WLAN USB-interface and from the very beginning problems have been occurring. At first, the connection would be really unstable. It might stay up for 2 minutes or for a week. Rather annoying. I tracked down the problem and thought I had found a solution. Apple's Time Capsule has also a WLAN feature and it was Time Capsule's network I was using. I found out that Windows 7 and Time Capsule weren't all that compatible so I had to find another solution. Luckily enough, there's another WLAN in our household. It's much farther away than the other so I was afraid I might have some connection issues. And I did. The signal was weak at times and I just couldn't establish a connection. So, I moved my PC to another room and it started working properly. The distance from the router was cut down from maybe 8 meters to 2 meters or so.

However, I couldn't keep my PC in that room forever and it seemed odd that when I moved the PC a few meters away from the router, the signal disappeared. So, that in mind, I went and took the USB-interface to the place I bought it from. I figured it was the interface because all the other of my devices connected to the Internet worked fine. The room is no Faraday cage. They still have the interface and I didn't get a replacement for the time being so I had to connect the PC to the Internet with a cable. At first, the MOBO wouldn't recognize the network. Then I rebooted and replugged all the cables and the ethernet LEDs started blinking. I was happy - I even checked that the lights indicated that there was data activity and that there was a 100 Mbps connection. But still - I oouldn't connect to the Internet. Windows 7 would only say that there're no connections available. I started realizing that it might be Win7. So I booted the PC up with Ubuntu since I have it on dual-boot and surprise, surprise - the Internet connection works perfectly. And here I am writing this post. The cable connection has worked with this PC before and it works now with other PCs, too.

Has anyone had a similar problem? What can I do?
Thanks in advance!

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    start off with the easy stuff to look at and fix. on the router when your connected by hard wire log onto the router and check the router firmware. a lot of older routers had buggy firmware where some usb dongles worked and some did not. (a lot of third party firmwares like tomato fixed those bugs and let some routers up there transmit powers). also check to see if there any firmware updates for the usb dongle. older wifi routers did not have the tech to be able bounce there wifi signal. sometime in a home some wifi dongles if they were not in line of sight of the router would not work. for the dongle make sure your using the newest driver for it. (sometime the chipset vendor of the dongel has better drivers then the maker of the dongle).
    for the desktop start with downloading the newest chipset drivers. if the chipset drivers are not loaded then usb/video card/sound/network card may not work right. after you update them go to your mb vendor web page and see who made the network chipset and then download the newest driver from the network chipset vendor. the last is check the network cable make sure it a good cat5 or cat 6 cable. if the clip is missing toss the cable and get a new one. without the clip the cable cab sometime not be fully seated causing issues.
  2. Can you access your router console? If so, look for and enable DHCP. This will auto assign IP address to your computers.

    Here`s how-to change TCP/IP in Win7. basically, auto obtain IP
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  4. Thanks, guys! The problem was fixed!
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