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I bought an Acer Extesa 5620 which has Vista pre-loaded. My plans are to downgrade (upgrade?) to XP Pro. As Acer laptops do not come with a Windows CD for OS recovery they have an eRecovery Management function to burn the default factory image onto CD/DVD.

If after upgrading (reformatting and installing) to Win XP how would I 'go back' to the Vista image if I wanted to? The Acer eRecovery Management software would have been wiped by the XP install.

Would this be possible?
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  1. with acer laptops it should have prompted you to insert 2 DVD's the first time you boot up to burn the restore DVD's. these DVD's work as bootable media meaning if you wished to go back to Vista simply pop in the restore discs and boot of them it will then restore the laptop to factory specs vista and all.

    I have a dual core acer the one that's in my sig and that's how I did it when I bought it and it came with Vista so I can't see how yours would be any different.

    ps really do like the new acer chassis mental note go with a new black clamshell acer when I upgrade lol
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