Sony Ericssion Xpera X10i gaming help!

ok here's the thing! I recently bought a Xpera X10i mobile phone. I bought this phone for gaming!!! I wanna know how much GPU acceleration my phone can give!
and Is there any software that can optimize my xpera x10i's GPU? I also need some link to few 3d games only for xpera x10i!
and few of the games for example: gangstar west coast hustle,assassin creed and etc for the xpera x10i are working like crap!!! the graphic are black and white. I know it's not a GPU problem cause I have few 3d hd games working on xpera x10i!!!(my phone GPU gives 30FPS)!
my xpera x10 has android 2.1! (as I am in India and 2.2 update is not avlilable yet I guess)
mostly I want my xpera x10's gpu to acclerate somehow!!!!! :hello:

so can anyone help!!! :heink:
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  1. I'm not sure but you better ask in XDA developers forums,they must know if there is any software or not
  2. will it help?
  3. Definitely,the developers at XDA forums are one of the best and therefore,they can give you the right answer.
  4. got a bit answers but still need more developers out there in that website!!
    thiugh it helped a lot till now thx dude!!!
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