RAM Issues, Need Help

I recently just purchased a brand new system. Originally, I had just one stick of 512 mb DDR 400, and have just added another one.

The problem is that the computer won't boot with both sticks installed. If separately installed, it turns on fine with either one. I thought I was buying the same model as the original one, but turns out they have different ram timings.

The original stick is a Geil 512 MB PC3200 CL=2-6-3-3
The new stick is a Geil 512 MB PC3200 CL= 2.5-8-4-4

The mother board is a GA-K8N Pro running an AMD 64 3000+.

I went into the bios to see if I could adjust memory timings, but only found a ddr voltage control and it didn't seem to make any difference.

Is there any hope for me?
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  1. You would want the slower stick in the first slot. if that doesn't work you might be stuck. Ideally you could go into BIOS and change timings, but that relies on you actually having the ability to get into BIOS with both sticks installed.

    Gigabyte doesn't want you to do that anyway. There's a secret key combination you have to use AFTER you've entered BIOS to bring up those settings. I think it's Alt-F1, but I can't remember for certain.

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