Need help restoring Advance Compuer

My father has an Advance Compuer with WindowsXP purchased at Walmart. It went haywire. It has three restore discs and I can't get it past disc two if that far. I need dire help in restoring this computer system. Any ideas? Tricks, tips, thoughts (other than throw in river or burn). Please! What''s going on?
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  1. Did the hard drive fail on the system, or what originally caused the problem?
    Do you have a CD key from a COA or anything like that?
  2. Something happened preventing his Juno internet service from working. What happened after that I don't know. It says on boot that a system files is missing from system32. It just won't accept the restore discs.
  3. I would say you either need to contact the manufacturer or if you have a COA or CD key, download the OS from a torrent and install it with you license. I mean, you have a license for the OS, just the company that built the computer decided not to include the disk with the system.
  4. I managed to install windows from the original cd, but can't fix hardware problems like no driver for the ethernet, audio, usb, etc. Can't find brand of ethernet. Doesn't show in Sisoft Sandra, Hardware profiles, etc. Is there another way to identify hardware?
  5. If windows doesn't already tell you, usually not. Some programs can figure it out...try 3d mark. Other than that, look the model up online somewhere. There's got to be a manual out for it.
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