WIFI VS. Built in Wireless

Which is better for traveling or obtaining a signal, WIFI, or built in wireless? I want to get a new laptop, but the new one has built in wireless. The guy that wants to sell it to me says built in is better, he says it uses the same concept of obtaining a signal like a cell phone.
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  1. I am assuming it is a 3G card in the laptop, you will need to have a monthly data plan with a carrier for a card like that and it usually is restricted to what carrier the card was designed for. 3G is bearable speed, but it can not compare to a solid, fast wifi connection.
  2. Blue tooth and wireless both technology are good. Buy a new laptop with bot services.
  3. Only time a cell phone modem is better than WiFi is when you need to use it often in places where wireless is not available. If you are a salesman or work in remote areas (truck driver maybe), then cell model will be handy.
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