Buying what, IPAD or Archos 101

For most pdf read ( for ebook of 500-1000 page ) I know Archos is half the price of the ipad 16gb. For the same screen size, card reader bonus for me. Hdmi output could be usefull for me too. Battery life is about the same between the 2 tablet. So for only reading mostly, would the archos or ipad will handle well ebook of 500-1000 page.
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  1. As an owner of an iPad I have to say it's a decent device for reading books/PDFs.
    Archos is also good but Anroid is still immature for tablet devices,better wait for Honeycomb if you need an android device.
  2. Thank you but, does it worth the extra 200$ just to get a Ipad for the OS wich is i think is a kind of Windows naziims. Like i say i only need something to read out pdf, im sure android have a solid pdf reader by now.
  3. If your main purpose is reading PDF files and you don't care about the OS,apps,battery life Etc.Then go with the Archos 101,it's a good choice.
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