"burn in" on plasma ??

Hi, I am new here ! I have few question about plasma TV. I just bought a new plasma TV LG 42px4rv the specification can see in this link : http://www.lge.com/products/model/detail/42px4rv.jhtml

1. I prepare this Plasma TV for playing next gen console (well gamespot recommend a HDTV for next gen console) , but then I read article about "burn in" effect and I should not playing games in plasma TV, is that true ?
2. when I in mood I can play about 3-4 hour a day usualy when playing RPG type games, but sometimes only 2 hour everydays, is it safe for me from "burn in" effect ???
3. Then what about wacthing sports channel maybe about 2 hour (if I watch a sports channel I do not play a game) ? is it safe ??
4. when I set the ratio frOm 16x9 to 4x3 I can see idle screen in both side, its has a possibility to suffer burn effect to ??
5. are the orbital mode to prevent burn in is useful ??
6. can I forget my worry about "burn in" with my watch watching habit ??
sorry for my bad engish,
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  1. I read here http://www.flattvpeople.com/tutorials/lcd-vs-plasma.asp that orbital mode prevents burn in but that only newer Plasma's have this feature. Check it out.
  2. I have played various XBox360 games for hours on end with no negitive effect on my 42in Plasma.
    If you are planning to pause the game, turn off the TV.
    The only issues I have with ghost images/burn-in is with the lil station identifiers on the bottom of some channels.
    My kids love noggin but the channel identifier is a solid color and will burn in.
    Alof of the channels are translucent or opaque, so when the image changes behind it, it changes the color of the station thing....
    Other than that, using the 4:3 aspect with the black bars on the side can burn in. I reccomend always using a zoom\stretch.

    On my TV (Dell 4201) there is a setting for plasma conditioning.
    It does a great job on removing ghosting, but will do nothing for Burn-In.
    Hopefully they will soon produce an LCD with the picture quality of a plasma.
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