Will the Tablet Replace the PC?

I hope this will not happen in the soon. The tablet is a cool piece of hardware. However, with the lack of a keyboard and small screen is a turn off for many buyers including myself. I know in the future technology will get advanced to a point where this will not be a problem. But still, a laptop has a larger screen, more powerful OS and CPU as well as a GPU for gamers and Video Editors. My big worry is that they will take over desktops since I am a gamer. it will suck because I wont be able to have separate parts such as CPU, Memory, GPU such as Nvidia and AMD. I hope in the near Future this does not happen, I mean tablets are great I am thinking about buying a Samsung Galaxy Tablet but it will never Replace a Laptop of Desktop PC because of how non powerful and inconvenient they are compared to them. Will this happen anytime in the near Future? WHat do you guys think? Thanks
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  1. It's not going to happen anytime soon(or ever).Because like you mentioned tablets are good but they're far behind desktops/laptops in terms of raw power and performance.
    Currently,having a desktop and a tablet is a good combination but tablets can't replace desktops unless you only do web-surfing,checking mails and listening to music and you are OK to use a 10" or smaller screen as your primary display.
  2. No, they have entirely different (and complementary) uses. I can't think of a single reason you would even pose this question.
  3. Unless a miracle of sorts occurs where the power of a desktop can be condensed into a tablet, it isn't going to happen anytime soon (as Maziar mentioned). There are always those of us out there who need the computing power that a tablet or even a laptop cannot provide. However, there are those out there that simply need something like a tablet for their particular uses, which is why they are getting rather popular.
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