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This is the first time I've set up multiple user accounts in XP Home, and I'm having a bit of a problem with enabling apps for limited users, specificxally the DVD player that shipped with my Radeon AIW. I have placed the program short-cuts in the Shared Documents folder, but still can't activate from any account without Admin privileges. Thanks in advance.

"But I don't have an "any" key...
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  1. You are having a problem doing this because you can't. It's not supported by this edition of the operating system. WinXP Home contains basic support for multiple users, but all users are "Administrators", so there's no way to set up user accounts with limited privileges. In addition, it's not possible to secure folders or files from other users on the same machine.

    If you want to do this, you'll need to install WinXP Pro,which includes extended support for multiple users and profiles, as well as security between users.


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  2. Thanks , but, that's the curious part. I've have been able to set up the limited user accounts (for my kids), which does limit access to folders and files eg. can't view/open Windows folder on C: etc., but at the same time it seems to limit application startup as well even though shortcuts and eventually the application files were placed in Share and visible in Start menu.

    "But I don't have an "any" key...
  3. Have to say it cause it's ironic, RTFM!

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