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Hello Everyone,

As you can see I need to purchase a laptop and I am kinda confused which one to buy.

My sister needs a laptop as she will be going to purse a course in journalism. She says she needs a laptop with decent processing power and good graphics card so that she can work on a bit of animation or video editing etc.

Now so far my family has been using DELL laptops and we are happy. But right now I have come across sony vaio laptop and now I am confused which one to buy.

Budget max ($1400) and came across Dell XPS 1530 which costs $1400 approx. Sony VAIO VGN-FZ35GN also has a similar price. Though dell has a bit more power thant vaio but what do you guys recommend??

The reason I put VAIO in the picture was it is a bit pretty and she was kinda inclined towards that machine. She also need a screen size of around 15" so cant go for 14" or lower.

Actually a laptop with a lower price would also do the job but I need a machine with a decent graphics card so that she can do video edition and other stuff. It because of this the price has gone up.

Moreover the laptop shouldnt be too heavy because she might take it to her classes.

I live in asia and thus the prices of machines here are a bit higher than that of the US.

Kinda confused as to go with xps or vaio or any other model in dell/sony. Any advice guys ??


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  1. The Dell XPS is a great machine, and what I would choose in that price range. Also, for video editing, make sure it has a decent processor and amount of RAM (2GB, bare minimum, with 4GB being better), as that will have a bigger impact than the video card.
  2. I say go for XPS M1530 too,Sony Vaios arent really worth the money,they are mostly expensive because they are VAIO :)
  3. XPS.
  4. Thanks for your input guys. I think I will stick to Dell. It is a safer bet and I can customize it to suit my needs. Moreover for the price dell offers more power (for eg 1 gb ram eXtra, and better video card) so why not go for it. I just hope the machine is not too heavy.
  5. The 1530? It's actually on the thin and light side for a 15"
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