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I have a 52x32x52 LG burner. When i tried to burn avi files using 8x and 16x, there is usually at least one screwed up avi (as in what was previously work on my hdd, is not working). The file wont play at all. I am sure it is not the cds i use's problems cuz i tried buring with them on another comp and they work fine. I think it might be caused with lack of power but in not sure... (only 250W running a p4 2.6, radion 9700, 80gb, 512 mb, some neon lights...). Can anyone tell me waht the problem is and how to fix it?

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  1. If you think its the power, open the case, disconet the neoen lights, and any additional items which you do not need immeidately.

    Then try burnung again. if it works fine, then u need a stronger poer supply 350w or above9which I recommend anyways), if u still get errors, it cud be u burner is dying.
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