Need help with Compaq lte 5300 laptop

I recently acquired a compaq lte 5300 laptop. When I turn it on it boots up, goes through the checks and balances and finally arrives at this point: NetBSD i386 (lte 5300) (console)
Now the problem is that I don't have the login or password codes for this laptop. Does anyone know how to bypass the login/password section? Does anyone know where I can get a manual or users guide for this laptop? And once I get past the login/password section does anyone know what I should do with this laptop? Thanks, any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. Hi, you might be able to erase the password by disconnecting the CMOS battery. theres a small narrow panel on the bottom of the laptop. you will need to use a flat-head screwdriver to pop it out using the two gaps. when i removed mine to see what it was thinking it might be access to the ram i did one after the other so don't worry if one side comes out before the other.(use a clean roundish tip screwdriver to avoid scratching to plastics)(not a mini one) you can see a battery connected by a wire just try and feed out the wire until you find the plug connection. disconnect and reconnect leave to few minutes and power up. Goodluck
  2. No you have BSD installed on the notebook. . . so just format and install the OS of your choice.
  3. I have the same problem, I can't format / install anything because i can't access the system / bypass the password.
    powering up the laptop only offers F1 to continue or F10 setup. F10 doesn't react, F1 results in the beautiful blue screen with a password box in the middle. filling in the password isn't possible either, the keyboard doesn't respond exept for.... F1
    how to deal with this....
  4. You most likely do not have the same problem, rather the notebook you have has the supervisor password set. The only way to clear the supervisor password is with the supervisor password.
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