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Gaming on an LCD Monitor - Settings?

Last response: in Computer Peripherals
May 8, 2006 1:47:05 PM

Hi folks. I just built a new system (details below), and it includes my first LCD monitor. I'm curious about what settings I should be using to get the best display quality?

I'm running at the monitor's native 1280x1024 resolution, obviously, and at 60 hz refresh rate (my monitor's default).

What I can't quite sort out is vertical synch. It seems like when I game with Vsynch turned off, I get a lot of tearing. Is there something specific to LCD monitors that requires one to enable Vsynch for good display quality? I typically never hed to use Vsynch with my CRT monitor.

My understanding is that Vsynch can actually lower your gaming FPS due to some timing issues related to the timing of the display and the video card's output (lost processor time due to being forced to synch with the refresh - something along those lines).

Can anyone clue me in? My new Viewsonic VX922 is a gorgeous monitor. I've never had such vibrant color and crisp images before, but I need some help getting it dialed in.
May 8, 2006 3:21:26 PM

you are always going to get tearing on fast paced games. it is inherent with having 2 different refresh rates (someone else can explain how that works in LCD's). basically if you ain't happy with tearing you have to have v-synch enabled. it will cap it at 60FPS but that ain't so bad. this discusses a way of enabling tripple buffering whislt v-synch is enabled. could be useful to you.
May 8, 2006 4:32:58 PM

Great article - thanks!!

My new video cards are blazingly fast, and this monitor is completely gorgeous, but I'm still in the learning curve for LCD's. They are definitely a different animal from CRT's!