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Hello, newbie to the THGC here... I am upgrading my PC to an Asus P4P800 w/ 3Ghz Northwood and 1G PC3200. My PC is primarily used for financial trading (with a little bit of digital audio; almost no gaming), so likely no O/C'ing. It looks like most of the memory mfrs have a value line, a mid performance, and high-end. From my description, is there any reason for me to go beyond the value level? Also, any opinions on Corsair v. Geil v. OCZ v. Kingston would be helpful. Thanks!
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  1. Your board is capable of dual channel mode, which provides a significant performance increase without overclocking. But a lot of memory isn't that good for such applications. I'd suggest Crucial.com for stability, using the dual channel feature with matching modules in the first and third slot.

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