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hello i already have a desk top computer and due to health reason i am thinking about getting a laptop.what do i need to use both of them on my internet that i already have(rogers).do i only need a will only be used in a different room then what the dek top is in.thank you.
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  1. Most routers now come with wireless -- ditto almost all new laptops. That should do the trick nicely. If you have cable, be sure to get a router designed for that as most sold are for DSL.

    Just read the instructions that come with the router carefully for how to wire up the desktop and how to set up a wireless connection for the laptop.
  2. if you have a wireless router then use laptop wifi and install desktop wifi card and if you have a wired router then buy a d-link switch to share both systems
  3. You can use wifi in your laptop for easy access of internet. :cry:
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