Lexmark x215 MFP under Win 2000 - problem


I'm trying to make the scanner on this multifunctional thing work. The twain drivers are installed and when I try to scan or preview anything it tells me that some port is closed and I need to open it.

Where do I find this closed port? I checked in device manager but can't find what port it needs to have open.

Printing and sending and receiving faxes works, although I did not send a fax from the PC, just manualy.

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  1. To andreidan,

    After seeing this post go unanswered I will hazard a guess---your Lexamark drivers failed to install correctly. If this a new unit--talk to Lexmarl tech support--but even then it may be worthless.
    I had a similar problem with a Lexmark---it ended up being with a windows dll that was moved as windows was updated--and when the driver software could not find the dll in exactly the expected place it did not install correctly. The driver software only worked partially---I finally got it corrected no thanks to Lexmark tech support.

    My suggestion is to (1) talk to Lexmark tech support. (2) If that does not work---take the unit back for a full refund--and explain to the store its Lexmark's job to write drivers that install correctly.--your OS is hardly new or unconventional.--its Lexmark's lookout not yours.
  2. Thanx m8,

    I'll try to reinstall and do just that then.
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