One PC with 2 keyboards, 2 mice and 2 displays....

Hi all,

I have a customer who wants to set up his PC so that he can access it from 2 different rooms. He is the only one who uses it so he doesn't want another PC.

Basically, I was thinking of getting a couple of PS/2 splitters:

And a VGA splitter:

...and just rigging up 2 monitors, 2 keyboards and 2 mice as necessary.

Obviously some extensions would be required, but that's not a problem (we're only talking about a distance of 3 - 5 metres between the 2 workstations anyway).

So my question are this:

Will this work?! Am I overlooking anything, ie will connecting 2 keyboards to a single PS/2 port cause big problems? Will a single on-board VGA adapter be able to power 2 X 19" TFTs at 1280 X 1024?

Cheers, look forward to hearing your thoughts :D

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  1. You're better off with a powered splitter for signal strength reliability

    Keyboard and Mouse Splitter

    Video Splitter

    It's not the cheapest solution, but frankly it's better than an expensive powered KVM and allows you to use the system simulaniously without having to flip a switch. However if the systems will only be 10-30 feet away a simple KVM might be less expensive as USB and VGA both extend around 25-35 feet (6-9 meters) before signal begins to really degrade.

    Use this for 25 foot distance instead

    Your unpowered splitters you've picked out will most certainly decrease the signal strength; you can try it however I would really suggest the Reverse KVM switch (which is really just an all-in-one splitter). It'll cost around 70 dollars total after cables but it would be what I would use.
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