Cant start pc when set on sleep mode

when i set my pc in "sleep" and in the morning i try to turn it on(by pressing the on- button or key/mouse-button) all i see is my keyboard light up and my pc wont start up not even a fan moves.
and then i have to unplug the power-cable from the pc, and wait a few seconds. and all my unsaved work is gone.
and i really need the sleep mode to work properly

please help please
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  1. As a matter of fact,
    Sleep mode has NEVER worked properly on all computers.
    And neither has standby mode, hibernate mode, etc...
    Turn all of these functions OFF permanently.
    (you can set these in the power profiles)
    The only thing that works is: "monitor standby." leave that ON. Screensaver can be left ON.
    All other modes are full of errors, and usually screw up every time. AND it has been this way for many many years.

    SAVE your work to the HDD before you retire for the night. Then shut the computer OFF.
    Have NO FAITH in sleep mode.

    It's really really funny that people have complained about these ongoing problems for many years.
    The manufacturer has never offered a solution.
    The same exact problem occurs in XP, win7, win 2000, and on and on.
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