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I recently bought a new laptop with windows 7. Ever since i have had issues sending e mail to certain individuals. This never happend before and now it happens all the time to the same e mail addresses. Is there a compatiblity issue that I can download something to help correct it? This is happening mainly when I have an attachment however it has happened several times without the attachements as well.
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  1. its hard to know your problem w/o knowing which email application your using, which email server your using (gmail, hotmail, comcast, ect.).

    If your using an email program (like Outlook, Thunderbird, ect)
    The biggest thing to check, is make sure that your server settings are correct (usually either IMAP or POP
    Almost every email service should have an article (or even a wizard) to help you set up email accounts

    Make sure the files your sending aren't to big. Almost all services have a 10 MB cap
  2. Windows uses a POP3 account service for mail in a direct connection, ie: like cable services(Comcast and TW), first of see if there is a cap on the size of the mail some providers are limiting caps at 5 Meg, which is probably the problem
  3. Are you using multiple email accounts? For example, Thunderbird allows multiple accounts. If you entered the incoming connection information for them, you can read all your messages, but unless you also set up multiple outgoing connection entries, some attempts to send may fail. For example, if you signed up for the Smokey Mountain Wheelmen's Yahoo group with one address, got a message from them and replied, your reply would fail if it did not come from the email address with which you signed up. Or, if the "problem" recipients are set up to only accept messages from people in their address book, you need to make sure you are sending to them from the correct account.
  4. So to answer all of this, I am using MSN, that is what my account is. I understand about the size issue and have thought about that, however it does not seem to matter what size, I can send a small attachment and it will not go through. Now here is the best part, I still have my old PC right beside me... I can e mail from it most of the time just fine. ??? It has Windows 2003, that is why I thought it might have something to do with Windows 2007. all the setting are the same on both email accounts. SoI sent an email from my new computer and it bounced, went to the old and sent it from there with the same attachment and it goes through...
  5. when you say Windows 2003 do you mean Windows Server 2003; and w/ Windows 2007, Vista?

    I'd open up the email program (or website) and directly compare settings to make sure you're not missing something small that may have been changed
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