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Hey guys,
So I recently had my Dell motherboard replaced on my M1330. The GPU was screwing up. But now, I get a blue screen of death memory parity error. Any ideas on what I can do?
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  1. Run Memtest and check the memory and probably, ultimately return it for repair.
  2. I don't think it is the system memory, as the system memory doesn't have parity checking. Memtest is still a good idea though.
  3. Parity checking is used to detect memory corruption between the time that data is written to memory and the time that it is read back. This error message means that there is a problem associated with the system memory.

    There are many possible causes of memory parity errors, some of them only related indirectly to the memory, or even having nothing to do with the memory at all. I recently had 3 bad Vista installs in a row and it traced back to a corrupt OS disk from Microsoft so you are definitely right... it may not be the memory at all.
  4. Well, I had my LCD replaced, my motherboard replaced, and now I have to send it in for repair. Piece of **** Dell. Want the Sager to come so badly.
  5. Wow, I had a friend with a 13" DELL that had a similar experience.
  6. I can tell all you ppl that have the memory parity error (especially Dells) have a really hot running computer that's baking the gpu ram chips which in turn causes this error. If you are getting this, that means your gpu is pretty much gone and it will need a replacement. If your lappy is out of warranty, you're pretty much screwed.

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