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Hello, my computer-cannot-connect-to-the-internet-it-says-i-am-offline
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  1. It's possible to use your browser for viewing files on the computer rather than on the internet -- that would be using it offline.

    For why your computer is not connecting, you'll need to give more detail.
  2. It means you can't go online right now.Maybe something is wrong with your network.You need to check it and make it connect.Only when your computer is connected to the Internet,you can go online,such as chat with your friends and send messages!
  3. Maybe the offline mode is checked in your browser. In Firefox, click File and at the bottom you can see the Work Offline. Uncheck it if its checked.

    Or maybe you are really offline. Check your network connection.
  4. Quote:
    Hello, my computer-cannot-connect-to-the-internet-it-says-i-am-offline

    "Offline" indicates a disconnected state. Try to make another basic Connectivity.
    1. Set router OFF.
    2. Reset modem: Press & hold RESET button 10-20 secs.
    3. Wait 60 secs.
    4. Set router ON.
    5. Reset router: Press & hold RESET button 10-20 secs.
    6. Wait 60 sec.
    Click [Start] – [Run...] – type: cmd, press [ENTER]
    At the prompt (c:…..>) type: ipconfig /release, press [ENTER]
    At the prompt (c:…..>) type: ipconfig /renew, press [ENTER]
    If IP Address == connect PC (wired) to router (if possible) or modem and attempt steps again.
  5. it means that ou have no internet connection right now.
    just check it you have some problem in you network connection.
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