Which one should I buy? I cant seem to decide between the two...:(

If I choose the Sony I will custom built it with the following specification:
Memory: 4GB
Harddrive: 320GB
Graphics: ATI Mobility Radeon™ HD 3470
OS: Microsoft® Windows Vista® Home Premium with Ser
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  1. You didn't include details on the HP, possibly indicating that you're favorite is the sony.

    Taking a look at them both, the HP would be the stronger performer (don't quote me, I'm not sure how well the 9200m series do) graphically, while the sony would be the better option for meager tasks.

    From personal experience, I would never purchase a Sony laptop or PC.
  2. The HP has an additional Blu-Ray Player,esata port, HDMI port. That is the only difference between the two notebooks. Also the SOny is an 13.3 inch while the HP is 15.4 inch.
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