Where can I get cheap Win7 64 Home Premium ?


I looked at many vendors for an OS. Looking for Win 7 64 Home Premium. Looking for cheapest available, legal version, upgrade is OK. I'm ordering parts over Labor Day (US) weekend to take advantage of any sales and putting together a new rig and Win 8 retail is not out yet, anyways, I'll probably buy Win 8 upgrade for the $39 offer but will not install it until they release a service pack or at least some time goes by.

So far, Amazon offers Win 7 64 upgrade version at $91, all the regular vendors that I know off, Newegg, Tigerdirect, etc., sell higher then that.

Anyone here know any other reputable place that would beat that ?

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  1. Student version for college students is the cheapest.
  2. Wow, can't believe the price is still so high. Can't think of any other reputable sellers that come in any lower then amazon and newegg. Amazon is showing 106.90 for me at the moment. I wouldn't dish any money out for windows 8 unless your sure about it. Big change.
  3. Yea, thing is, my current PC requires a lot of work and my HD is so screwed up i need a new one of reformat, my system is outdated and been overclocked for a long while now, its starting to glitch hardware wise and it wont make it to release date of Win 8. Not to mention, Labor Day weekend sales to get new hardware.

    Even then, like I said, I will pay the $39 for the upgrade license on Win 8 but wont use it until way down the line, once the drivers and 3rd party programs and updates (especially firewalls) mature. I need a rock stable rig, so installing a brand new OS version is not really an option. Hence I will still go with Win 7.

    I am looking for a perfectly legal version, so student OS doesn't apply to me. If I wanted to go down that route, I might as well hit up my nearest verified torrent site or NG or VPN and not even bother checking here or any vendors.
  4. Student version is legal.

    I didn't mention win 8 being buggy, I said Big change.

    Just going to have to order at the price you can get from amazon.
  5. I know :)

    Just sayin, I dont qualify for it. Was hoping someone would know of some vendor I have overlooked or see some pre-advertised holiday sales or alike.
  6. My work place sell Windows 7 home premium 32bit or 64bit at 89$(sale price) or regular price 99$ Canadian but i could get it at cost price 69$ lol.
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