Rumour regarding apple ipad 2's 2048x1532 resolution

I've just heard this rumour while surfing news sites regarding news on the tablets shown at CES. I had a look at mac rumours and saw that there was a lot of chatter about this, including debate about whether it's even possible to run a screen as slickly as apple always do on that sort of resolution.

So here's my question, what do you think? This resolution on a 9.7" screen will lead to a DPI of 260 which is approaching the maximum DPI the human eye can register so there's no doubt such a screen would be pretty.

Is there any need? What will the processing power need to be like in order to keep operation as slick as what apple is known for? How will battery and heat factors be affected?

Accompanying this rumour is another one that says apple will be powering the ipad 2 with a dual core powerVR processor (which one poster on the mac rumours forums hilariously mistook for a dual core GPU, who then went on to compare it to his "16 core" 9400m that gets bogged down playing the sims at 1050, see below for full post).

So what do you all think?

PS - I'm sold for the Motorola Xoom so none of this affects me anyway, im just bored at work and fancied some discussion...

Mac Rumours forum poster:

"That's what the rumor is. I still can't see it though, that's just a lot of hardware improvements required to drive that display. The 9400m in my computer gets pissed if I try to play Sims on medium-high settings at 1680x1050, and they want to drive 2048x1536 with a dual core GPU?
I believe the 9400m has 16 cores running considerably faster than the iPad's GPU, so I have no idea how that will work. It seems like that would create huge issues for games."
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  1. If Apple uses an A5 dual core CPU + a dual GPU for iPad 2,then I think it can handle everything fine;furthermore, I don't know what that guy was thinking but Mac games are completely different compared to iOS games so it's meaningless to compare 9400GT with what ever iPad 2 has.
    I definitely want the 2048x1536 resolution, its also easier for devs to make app for this resolution.
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