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Hi all, thanks in advance for any help.

I'm having an issue with a computer I just put together. I used a motherboard, power suppply, hard drive and various components from a previous build. The video card and case are new.

The problem I'm having is the monitor turns off after a minute or two as if it has lost connection to the computer. I hear a tick and then it shuts off. The computer itself stays running, fan lights are on etc. It's as if the computer goes idle. Nothing will turn the monitor back on, disconnecting, turning the power on the monitor off and on, etc. The computer cannot be forced off. I have to turn the power switch off on the PSU and start everything from scratch.

I cannot figure out what the problem is. My impression is that the monitor is fine. I believe it to be some setting or driver issue, maybe a windows 7 problem? Please help me out with any ideas as this is very frustrating. Thanks!
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  1. test your monitor on another system ,it could be shutting off to protect itself
  2. Hey Scout_03,

    I've tried that. I think the problem is more with the computer. It seems to be going into hibernation after 1minute or so and cannot be woken up. The monitor is shutting off as a result of that. I can't figure out how to stop it though.
  3. in control panel under information and performance tools see adjust the parameters of power look for the settings of the monitor power and the drive
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