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Hi how is everyone today. I am looking to get a hardrive based mp3 player so i am compiling a list of best mp3 players which might be on your wish list or which you have already bought or recommend. Please also provide the cost of the mp3 player and a link to its features if possible. I am looking for honest opinions and guidance. Thx in advance

List of best mp3 players rated by users in no organized order

30 GB iPod Video ($300-$400)
30 GB Creative Zen Vision:M ($250-$250)

PS. I am compiling this list for people like myself who want a solid/matching alternative to apples iPod
My Budget = below $400 CANADIAN
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  1. Archos AV500 is the best overall out of all of them ...
    Plays lots of format, best screen, records live video, also comes with optional video camera add on.

    it is $450 thou
  2. go creative, u pay 100 bucks for teh name iPod, and htey actually suck, creative is the way to go
  3. Rio Karma is one of the best imo
  4. If you look at the current ones then Zen Vision M is on the top of things definitely.

    Archos might have even better screen and AV recording but for its price you might get 2nd hand laptop and: won't be much bigger...

    Less polished but still impressive is X5 player from Cowon.

    I would rank iPod only third or fourth...

    As sb mentioned Rio players they were good but are no longer available.

    The same can be said about H340 from iRiver. Excellent player, too, perfect for serious travellers that want some good recording quality.
  5. lol my bro just got the 30GB ipod. he is a bit of a noob and even though i haven't used an ipod before he asked me to set it up. over the past couple of days i have had so much trouble getting ti to work. after installing the software a couple of times i got some songs on it but it said it needed an update. guess what. the update failed and the ipod wouldn't work. eventually seen a post on their forums saying that if you format through windows then use the updater it would work and it did.

    i'm telling you it has been alot of trouble getting it to work and it is only due to someone other than apple that i have it working again after their own updater messed it up. i would have put it down to me doing something wrong had it not happened to so many other people.
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