HDTV vs Oled screens (to be released 2008 allready).

Would it be wise to buy a HDTV screen at this point in time or would it be better to wait for the Oled screens to arrive 2008 allready? I've heared that Oled has a big advantage over the tracing and natural color problem that LCD monitors are dealing with. Even better is.....they will be even cheaper.

http://www.universaldisplay.com/marketplace.htm << a little bit more information on this matter.
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  1. I say get a hd dlp 1080i.....they are amazing (if you can afford it).

    Where did you get 2008? And by what company? It will be extremely expensive when it first comes out, but I agree it is pretty sweet.
  2. http://www.idtechex.com/products/en/articles/00000352.asp <<< Here you have the link. Samsung is working on it allready. And sure HD is sweet but OLED will be even better. And that's the funny part. Everyone is talking about HDTV while they dont know what's comming in short terms.
  3. Quote:
    Samsung to produce 50 million OLEDs by 2008
    Nov 23, 2005

    Samsung is preparing to mass produce OLED displays on glass substrates. Volume production will begin in early 2006.

    The screens benefit from lower power consumption, wider viewing angles, faster response times and larger viewing areas compared to TFT and LCD screens.

    According to the company the screens have a response time of 1 microsecond, 1,000 times faster than TFT-LCD screens.

    Samsung first announced the technology last year, when it showed off a 17-inch prototype. Epson announced a 40-inch prototype screen around the same time, but this product is not expected to launch until 2007.

    Others such as CDT and OSRAM are also working on mass producing OLED screens.

    Samsung announced on Monday that it plans to produce a range of sizes, including 2-inch, 8.4-inch, 15.1-inch, and 15.5-inch screens, according to The Korea Herald.

    The company said it will invest £260m in the next year to get the infrastructure in place for mass production in the second half of 2006. It hopes to ship 20 million units in 2007, rising to 50 million by 2008.

    Samsung's basic OLED technology was licensed from Kodak and developed in conjunction with NEC, which sold its stake in the joint venture to Samsung at the beginning of 2004.

    For more about OLEDs and other display types, attended Printed Electronics USA 2005 www.printelec.com.

    8O 8O 8O

    The thing is they aren't producing anything over 16 inches...and who is going to watch that?
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