Looking at HP dv7-1025nr any recommendations?

I have been looking for something to replace my aging Thinkpad for a while now. I need something that is a 17 inch screen and has some dedicated video memory. The thing I am concerned about is how the processor holds up. I remember hearing bad things about the centrino processors back in the day. I need something that will be reliable obviously and robust enough to handle some light gaming but mainly GIS mapping and rendering with arcgis for work in the field. I cant seem to find any good reviews of either this laptop or the processor out there other than assumptive reviews.

I Have found the DV7-1025nr which seems to have decent specs other than the processor that I know nothing about.

Can anybody help me with this or offer other suggestions to go with.

Thanks for your time
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  1. Well I was just doing a quick google search on this laptop model myself to see what anyone has said about it so far and I wanted to get some more detailed specs on it (like if it had an LED backlit display or not). Anyways, I just picked this model up today from Best Buy as a replacement unit for my HP DV9260NR (as I have accidental damage, and my laptop had an accident involving the stairs and gravity). It's a great notebook and it shows it with it's design, robustness and speed. It's plenty fast for me, it's really durable and it looks good while doing it. I've only had it for one day (and I'm typing this on it right now), but so far it's been great. one odd thing about it though is that there is a transparent gap on the control panel (above the keyboard, where the power button is, it's in between the power button and wuickplay button) that lets you see some serial number for something, I don't know what the reason for this is. But other than that, it's thin, kind of heavy (still lighter than my older notebook) and feature packed. Also, it's got centrino 2, so it will be great on battery life. And yes, I got the extended 1 year accidental damage plan for it, I think if you get it you might want to think about it, $100 isn't much for a year of full protection and no worries about it, even though it takes some time for the repair to go through (about 2 weeks). But yeah, if you want a great laptop for some good gaming and work while still being a joy to use, this seems like the perfect laptop for that.
  2. Bill.. I just got a dv7 last week. Its my first laptop. It isnt the same model. ITs a Amd turion X2 RM-72, 4 gigs of Ram. 300 gig drive. I can tell you this is the fastest pc iv had to date. I have a few issues with the vista premium 64 bit OS, but those are fixable in time. I use alot of high end audio aps is all and some of them are not 64 bit ready. Its a very clean looking and the hardware and software are well layed out. MTV and hap have a tv show about some graphic designers. They are all using hp gear.
    The lap top they use is a hp dv5. The dv7 is the newer of the line? Not sure. Right now im running an extra display of it. Running photo shop,winamp which is streaming audio,firefox open with like 15 tabs running smooth, and yahoo messenger. Im on dsl lite and still i can run it all smooth..
  3. Pretty good specs. I'd go for it.
  4. Not to throw a wrench in your searching, but if you liked your Thinkpad a lot, there's also the Lenovo Y730 (Y730 - 40532BU). . . Otherwise that seems to be a pretty good deal in that link you provided.

    Also in that class is the Dell Studio 17
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