Laptop randomly buzzing with high pitched noise..

I have a Sony Vaio VGN CR32W. What I thought first hearing this high pitched buzzing was that my hdd was broken.
I got a new HDD from Sony but the buzzing is still there.

This high pitched buzzing appears when I have for example Firefox opened with some tabs... As soon as I close Firefox the buzzing seems to disappears but comes back again....

The buzzing comes from the right side of my laptop, if im right the hdd sound comes more from the left side.

Can it be that my Right Speaker is somehow influenced from the HDD working operations? Since my right speaker was broken once and being replaced...?
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  1. I figured out it happens with all applications. Any application I start the buzzing starts on the right side of the laptop.

    When i close the application having a plain windows desktop then there's no buzzing anymore.

    Im not sure but i kinda hear something on the right the whole time... it doesnt sound like a fan at all.. and because the DVD drive is underneath that speaker i doubt theres a fan.
  2. Please delete this topic. I recreated it since this is too confusing.

    Check here please if u can and want to help me:
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