BSOD for hours, reinstalled W7 and just got a BSOD!

System Specs: ASROCK Extreme 3 Gen 3 Mobo
G Skill Ripjaws Memory 4gb x 2
Hitachi 7200RPM 500gb HDD
570 GTX SC'd

This PC build is around 6 months old!
A few days ago I updated W7 to a newer version and the next day I received a BSOD, after that first BSOD nothing happened and it seemed totally fine. I cleaned my case that day as well. That night there was another W7 update so I updated it, the next day I turn on my PC and I get the BSOD for a solid 3-4 hours - I did a system restore to the day before that and everything seemed ok for the most part.
I reinstalled that update and more BSOD so I decided to run some Memtests etc. Memtests (ran twice for 2 hours a piece) and no errors. Ran my Norton virus scans and everything and seemed fine. I turned on the PC and I got a windows notice saying I had Malware in a piece of software? Didn't know what that was about, ran tests didn't find anything.

After hours today I decided to just reinstall Windows 7, everything was working fine, awesome etc. - reinstalled all manufacturer drivers and seemed to work fine. Suddenly my internet went out and I get a BSOD.

Anyone know what's going on?
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  1. I just got another BSOD in SAFE MODE! WTF!
  2. A little more info - before install I was getting the IRQL_LESS_THAN_OR_EQUAL error for BSOD but last 2 BSOD's have been blank - I also just got a BSOD trying to restart my PC to remove the two errors Malware bytes found. ANy ideas guys?
  3. how many passes did memtest complete?
  4. flank21 said:
    how many passes did memtest complete?

    around 2-4 times each
  5. Just started noticing some GPU tearing on Chrome - I tried installing drivers from two different areas (brand new Nvidia drivers) and I got the error, no idea what's wrong now fudge!

    2AM: Malware Bytes found 2 trojans so I tried to restart computer to erase them and bsod, ugh this is so weird, less than 30 mins ago no trojans were found.

    going to bed
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