Need help gettin access to my secondary HDD...

just finished redoing my primary HDD with the recovery CD that came with my comp(Compaq). I did it with my secondary HDD disconnected, and now that I've reconnected my secondary, I can't get to my files that were already on it, every time I try to rename, access or anything, it keeps telling me it needs to be reformatted. Is there any way I can get my comp to see the files that are already on it?
It seems to be related to a problem I had with the MBR after rebooting after finishing the recovery process.
The HDD was originally all one partition, but now for some reason its 3 partitions: 14.64GB Active partition(F:), 3.99GB free space, and 55.89GB unallocated. Is it possible to modify the MBR to get my drive working as before? Assuming the problem is with the MBR, that is. I've got roughly 20-25 gigs of irreplaceable data on that drive, or at least I hope its still there.
Originally the primary HDD had the primary IDE channel to itself, while my secondary HDD was the master drive on the secondary IDE channel, and shared that channel with my CD-ROM, my mistake was when I reconnected my secondary, I hooked it to the primary IDE channel, however, the jumpers on the drive were still set to master, so both drives were set master when I rebooted after installing the secondary HDD.
I'm running Win XP Home Ed., And NTFS file system
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  1. Try Active Partition Recovery, it should detect the old partition and rewrite the MBR. Otherwise you can use any of a variety of file recover programs to read the data from the disk.

    Keeping your irreplaceable data on a single hard drive is a bit daft, please get a backup.

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