need help finding good ear BUDS

im lookin for a nice pair of ear buds for my mp3 player... id like to keep the budget, well, less than the mp3 player cost. my goal is 50 bux. its insane a 300 dollar mp3 player comes with 2 dollar earbuds, but whatever. if anyone could show me some good ones for around 50 bux... i cant find any around that price... all i find is the shure ones which are like 99-300... i hear sony makes a decent pair for around 50, is this true?
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  1. You want earbuds for about $50? What currency?

    Anyway, for $50 Sony is probably the best you can get. Try these:

    Sony MDR-EX81LP/B
    Sony MDR-CX1W/BLACK (has a carry pouch for your HD based DAP).
    Sony MDR-EX71SL

    All of those are US$49.99 rrp from the Sony Style US website.
  2. us billz, im gonna go to compusa this weekend and see what i can find... i bought sony before but maybe they were defective but they sounded like crap... way too pingy for my taste, even plugged into my computer
  3. Sony MDR-EX71SL I have these and I absolutely love them. They are the most comfortable headphones I have ever used. You don’t even notice you have them on.
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