Hard Drive Crash Recovery Assistance Needed .

I'm a Navy IT working on hd for customer. Day's already spent of my own time on this. Here it is. Maxtor drive, pulls in bios. Ran the Vendor test. Ran and fixed ??? great tool ehh. Won't pull in Dev manager. No windows based tool has or is going to pull it. Stelar Phoenix is a great tool if anyone has a drive that does pull in bios. I've pulled it in some dos based programs showing unformated hd..I need a tool that will see it and recover it. Lost and Found gives a option to recover though it's very illusive. It will say Recover 8gig from 40gig drive. Only opts to recover it to Iomega ZIP. Thinking of buying 2 zip drives and going at it like that at this point. Very frustrated due to the fact I have no clean room to replace the heads...I know but I'm willing to do any and all at this poing...I get no overtime for this, pat on the back and an attaboy. Any knowledgeable input on this to their dept I would be. Best Regards,
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  1. Can you post a link to Stelar Phoenix?

  2. Active Recovery make several DOS based programs that should work. If the BIOS can recognize it so should they.

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  3. Thanks I'm working on the Active Recovery utility now. The link to Stellar is http://www.stellarinfo.com/
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