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I will building an AMD system in the near future and I have a question regarding Windows XP. I have not yet used a system with XP, but I have read that there are some compatibility issues with both hardware and software. For example, compatibility issues with the SB Audigy and some "older" software not running in XP. So, I would ask what are your experiences with Windows XP?

Thank you for your assistance.
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  1. The one and only thing I ran into was an old version of Bicycle Solitaire (16 bit) I couldn't get to run. Other than that it's been rock solid for me. I don't have an Audigy.

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  2. No problems here... I've got a Sound Blaster Live.

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  3. Thanks. I was just at looking at the XP and they offer two versions of the Home edition: OEM and Retail. I know that OEM hardware often lack documentation and other stuff that are bundled with the Retail versions; thus the lower price for OEM, but what is the difference between the OEM and Retail WinXP Home editions? It costs $100 more!
  4. Final Fantasy 7 locks up at the chocobo races. No workaround has ever worked for any of the mini-games, period. Not even QfixApp.
    The dos versions of tie fighter and xwing (cd) won't even load.
    Star Control 2 won't run in a dos box in Win9x, much less Nt. Have to boot real mode dos.
    Tomb Raiders 1,3,4,5 have some problems. There a XP patch, but I've not gotten the chance to really check them out yet. I think tomb4 will only play at 640x480. Seems like tomb3 would play at 1024, and I think tomb5 locked up on me. I've only experimented with those patches for about 15 minutes, 10 of which were used to install and patch the games.

    That's about all that come to mind quickly.
  5. You find a lot of useful information of this sort here:

    <A HREF="" target="_new">NT Compatible</A>


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