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I'm in the process of recompiling my music collection. I've been cutting and pasting all my music files into one folder, that folder now holds 24,500 files @133GB. Now that I have it all in one place when I try to open the folder it won't fully load: the busy icon keeps spinning, the progress bar at the top stops about 1/4 inch from done, and I can't sort the files. Any ideas on how to open and sort files.
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  1. I wouldn't use Windows Explorer to organize my music.
    iTunes works pretty well at it, but for large music collections i like to use MediaMonkey
  2. found the problem I moved the folder from my external to one of my internal drives and it worked fine, still not quite sure why....

    can't stand iTunes I've seen it destroy to many music collections, tried media monkey and can't quite get used to it, I do pretty good with media player and dopisp to get the music to everyone's ipod
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