My Vaio vgn c2m only uses half the RAM

Hi All.

I have a lovely Sony Vaio vgn c2m notebook which has a t5500 processor. I have a Vista gadget which records the amount of ram and CPU used. It never seems to go over 1 gig. I have 2 gig installed. But somethimes it hangs for a coupe of seconds.

Also, is it possible to alter the amount of RAM used for the graphics? It has Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 on it.

Many thanks . Wayne.
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  1. You're having an issue that your notebook is using too little ram?

    What's the issue there? I don't understand. Do you want it to use 2GB of ram?

    You can alter the amount of ram allocated for shared graphics memory in your BIOS.
  2. Hi.

    My concern is that it freezes slighly every now and then, and comes up with (Not Responding) in the toolbar at the top.

    But, there i still availiable ram.

    And the Bios is very simple. I cannot find where to adjust the amount of RaAM for graphics anywhere.

  3. freezing/not responding programs is not a memory problem - more an issue like a slow connection or bus, possibly a slow processor. It's more likely to be a software problem than a hardware problem, though. Does this occur widespread, or only in certain applications?

    For the bios, consult your manual. Look into your notebook online, it may not support a feature like that.
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