Please Someone Cure this for me

hi this frustrates me no end. Please Someone must know how to cure this annoyance.

Dell Laptop Latitude D505 running XP pro with AVG Internet Security protection.

Mostly when on mains power the cursor freezes for a few seconds and then sometimes resumes back to normal functions.

I have noticed that when it freezes and I switch over to battery power the cursor instantly springs into action and never freezes whilst on battery power.

Any suggestions why this happens
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  1. What are your power options set at in control panel?
  2. hi thanks for your question and I now enclose a screenshot details

    Hope this helps

    Brian J Godwin
    a.k.a. beejaygee
  3. On an old toshiba I had, the power supply wasn't strong enough to power the battery and the notebook at full clockspeeds at the same time. I found that glitches and minor freezes stopped when I lowered my power scheme to max battery while the battery was charging. It's a long-shot, but see if that works.
  4. Hi sorry to sound a bit thick but can you expand without being too technical

    minor freezes stopped when I lowered my power scheme to max battery while the battery was charging.

    This I am not clear about
  5. Just to reiterate the freeze only occurs when using mains power.

    It does not freeze at all when using battery power
  6. I know. I was a bit short with that, I'm sorry.

    On that laptop, the power supply was too weak to carry the full load of the system at maximum clockspeeds and charge the battery at the same time. This resulted in the unit freezing for a few seconds every so often. Performance was dismal, and I was frustrated. I noticed that this never happened when on battery power, or when I was plugged in and my power profile was set at "max battery". When my battery was charged, however, running the machine at full clockspeed was no problem. I'm saying that, albeit a very unusual situation, and not likely to be your problem, it's possible it could be. Does the same problem still occur if you change your power profile to "max battery"?
  7. I am running the test now this morning here in S.Wales UK.

    If this should be the case do I then leave the setting to Battery Max?

    I will keep you posted and thanks again any suggestion is welcome as I am not to good with IT myself.
  8. Yes. If you leave the settings to max battery, the stutter might go away. If it does, then your PS is the problem. Or your battery.
  9. Hi frozenlead

    There appears to be some improvement and if anything there has been slight hesitation as opposed to freeze up in the cursor action.

    Tomorrow morning will be the test when I do my PTC surfing.........I surf approx 35 websites and then I update my spreadsheet records of my earnings and stats. This will be a good test and would add that my laptop has been on for most of today and so far I have noticed an improvement.

    I will report back tomorrow thank you again.

  10. Try running the notebook in a power scheme that clocks everything at full with your battery removed.
  11. Hi frozenlead

    Thanks for trying but sadly I now have to report that there has not been any real improvement.

    I just have to remember to do my surfing using battery power and then afterwards switch over to mains power.

    My apologies for the delayed reply but I have tested several options to sort out this problem all to no avail.

    Thanks again

    kind regards
    Brian J Godwin
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