Japanese appliance: help!

Hi, hoping someone can help...Please and thanks in advance!

I'm returning home (Canada) after a long stay in Japan and want to take a Japanese appliance with me: a takoyaki maker (takoyaki is a kind of fried food made with octopus or other fillings). But on the box it says "For use in Japan only."

Japan has passed electrical safety laws regarding the import/export of their products, so this is probably why it says "For use in Japan only." But can anyone see why this appliance would not work in Canada? (according to http://kropla.com/electric2.htm Canada's voltage is 120V and the frequency is 60Hz).

The appliance has a regular 2-prong, flat blade attachment plug (same as is used in Canada). On the bottom of the appliance it says: AC100V, 50-60Hz, 650W.

Please help!

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  1. yeah if you plug that thing in at canada it will probably go up in smoke. in america we got 115v(well I think we are supposed to get 120, but I measured the wall outlet one time with a multi meater and got 116v) and apparently in Japan they got 100v and you said canada has 120v so unless you find something to step down the voltage from 120 to 100 the thing will be smoked.

    I think you should be able to get a voltage regulator somewhere and then you would be fine. however where to get one and how to hook it up I dono, call up your power company and ask them maybe they can point you in the right direction
  2. Thank you Samir. I really appreciate that you took the time to help me. You've definitely pointed me in the right direction. As the frequency was the same, I didn't know if the problem would be the voltage or the watts, or both.

    So I did a search for voltage converters and found some useful info here:


    So I guess I have to get a step up/down converter that can handle a load of 650W... such as here:
  3. You probably don't need a converter. Eastern Japan uses 100/60hz while Western Japan uses 100/50hz. North American outlets are close enough for most electrical appliances without the need to convert.
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