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We have a Microsoft Small Buiseness Server 2003 with ISA Server 2004 installed and two NICs one WAN and one LAN the WAN is set with an IP of the gateway of the router is set to The LAN is set to and the Gateway is set to as the SBS 2003 is set as the gateway. We have a public IP of for the Remote Web Workplace page that is The issue is I can not get to the page outside of the office, in the office I can type the ip in a web browser and reach the Remote Web Workplace page but out of the office I cannot.

Please help if you have any information they may get it working.

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  1. Have you setup access to the web workplace from a WAN address.
  2. You need to Setup your router. Either set the DMZ (De-Militarized Zone) to the WAN IP of your server, or setup port fowarding to your WAN IP. Better to set the DMZ as it's easier.

    You should be able to access remote web spaces through
    You may also have to update the DNS registry (internet DNS, not local server) to point the remote.** to your website if the above doesn't work.
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