a lil winME a lil ram a lil OC'ing

OK, heres the deal, i just realizd that for some reason my CPU frequency was at 100 on a 133 board, probably cuz my computer crashed and it set it self back to be safe.

My specs amd athlon Xp 1600+ on a7v133 via with ati all in wonder 128 16 meg 512 ram

Now, for the longest time, When ever i played counter-strike it would freeze at random points - i thought it was game, until i played cs when my system was running at 100 MHz instead of 133 MHz.
I should say that i have 3 ram chip
1 128 at 100
1 128 at 133
1 256 at 133

The question then becomes (i know that it crashes becaue of the ram)

Why would it only crash in Half-life and not when i run photoshop, any other game or anything else, even in my win2k ( i dual boot) nothing else has any problems with my ram except half-life. Any ideas???

Now i want to try a work around.
right now in my bios the frequency is 133 while the multiplier is at 10.5. Can i decrease the frequency to 100 and boot the multiplier to 13.5 or some other combination to get the clock speed at a lower bux rate? I think on the weekend im gonna take out the ram and runn it at 133 to make sure but im positive that this is the problem... or maybe it isn't..

I hope someone can help me with this.. its dill of a pickle.

who ever has the most ram when they die wins!
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  1. Either run the 133 or the 100 not both together its a miracle and a credit to your motherboard you if you haven't messed it up. You can interchange different MB sizes but not different Buss speeds, if you continue to do that, you eventually will fry your motherboard, if you're trying to run it at 133 the RAM is automatically going to clock down to 100, and your motherboard is trying to reset the bus speed to 100. Now it is possible to run the whole 512 and set your bus speed to 100 in the CMOS, but why cut your performance like that 384MBs of 133Mhz, is going to perform better than 512MBs of 100 Mhz {Keeping in mind that the 133 will suffer a performance loss from having to clock down to 100}.
  2. bah.. thats the boring answer.. bu ya, i know.. meh ill spend 100 buks and have 640...

    who ever has the most ram when they die wins!
  3. 60 rather

    who ever has the most ram when they die wins!
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