Anyway to access mass memory of dead nokia

I tried changing font on my Nokia X6 after reading about it and now when i restart my cell it shows some weird textures 3-4 times and shuts down.I have no choice but to get it flashed but is there ANY possible way to access its memory cause that would really save me cause i have most of my work in notes and documents section.i would be really REALLY grateful.
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  1. Have you tried a PC link?

    If that did not work, are the files on a flash card? You can take out the card and read it with a card reader on any computer. If the files were saved on the internal phone memory, you'd need to bring it to a cell store to see if they can do anything.
  2. you could phone up microsoft....wait, nokia, and ask them? am sure they could help you out
  3. Thank you for the reply,i had to give it care centre but i didnt remember i had made a backup so im saved
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